What Marketing Research Is

Marketing research refers to the process that links consumers, customers and end users to the marketer. It refers to the gathering of information and data, analyzing it so as to provide facts that managers need in order to make more important decision about the product. The researcher gathers information about the markets size and trends but may cover a wider range of activities.
The information gathered by the researcher will be useless unless it is used. The value of the information gathered is determined by:
•    The willingness to act on the information gathered
•    How accurate the information is
•    How important the information is to decision making
•    The risks involved if the information is ignored
•    The reaction of competitors to improvements made from the gathered information
•    The cost of the information gathered in terms of money and time.

The research process
The research process involves the following:
•    Defining the problem
•    Coming up with the research design
•    Identifying types of data and the sources of such data
•    Preparing questions and designing questionnaires
•    Determining sample size and coming up with a plan
•    Collecting the data
•    Analyzing the data gathered
•    Interpreting the data
•    Preparing a research report from the data collected and the  results of the analysis

Defining the Problem
The management must outline the problem it faces which it want solved by the research. The problem must then be translated into a research problem by forming a question that defines the information to be gathered.  It must briefly state how the information will be obtained and how it will be analyzed.
The objective of the research must be well defined. The researcher must outline the possible scenarios of the research and the results he expects. This is important because it helps him formulate an action plan based on the scenarios and the expected results.

Marketing research can be classified as:
•    Causal research
•    Exploratory research
•    Exploratory research

Exploratory research- it formulates the precise problem or could be meant to clarify concepts, gain insight, eliminates impractical ideas and forming a hypothesis. It can be carried out using surveys, case studies and literature review. It provides insight into a relationship that exists among the variables.

Descriptive research – it seeks to describe users of a product and help in predicting the future demand of the product. It defines the question, the people to be surveyed and the method to be used in analysis and interpretation of data.  It could be longitudinal where a series of studies are carried out on the same individual or cross – sectional where a sample of a population is surveyed.
Causal research- it focuses on finding cause and effect i.e how variables relate. It uses both laboratory and field experiments.
Sources of information
Research can be done using different types of sources. Some of the most common ones are:
•    Secondary data- previously collected data it could include data from invoices, government census and many more
•    Primary data – data collected from the field using questionnaires, interviews or observation
Generally, a marketing research is meant to investigate how a product is performing or will perform in the targeted so that it can be improved on.

Top 3 Strategic Marketing Ideas For Success

entrepreneur-696969_640In order for your business to earn a consistent amount of money, you need to incorporate the right marketing strategies. There is a common misconception that when you create a business on the web, it will somehow be found by people that are interested in what you are selling, and current the cash flow will just begin. In reality, it is harder than ever before to create a website selling products and have it found on the Internet. You have to use specific strategies that are designed to help people find you, specifically people that are interested in purchasing the products that you had to offer, in order for you to be successful. Here are the top three strategic marketing strategies that you want to consider using, whether you are just starting out, or if you already have an established business.

Search Engine Optimization

At the top of the list for people that have already created an established website, you will want to do SEO. The reason that you want to use this particular type of marketing is because it can provide long-term results. The more money that you put into online and off-line optimization, the faster you will rank on the search engines, an the more revenue that your business will generate. It requires you to target the right keywords, build links back to your main website and individual pages, and it also requires you to have the time to get this done. You may opt for using a professional service that offers search engine optimization, especially if you would rather focus on building your business instead of doing the marketing itself. This can cost a little bit of money, but much less than direct advertising, the next marketing strategy that we will discuss.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

The most common way that people do paid advertising is to use giants like Facebook and Google to place ads where people can find a link to their website. If you are doing this on Google, you will pay for every click when people click on your ads, and the same is true for Facebook. You can also do CPM advertising which is a form of banner advertising, allowing you to pay for several thousand impressions for a specific cost. If you have a proven product, and a landing page that converts, this is going to be the best way for you to generate revenue for your company because you know that what you are selling converts.

Press Releases

Even if your company is already established, you can use press releases to your advantage. They are typically used to introduce people on the web to new companies that have just started out, but they are used by virtually every company on the Internet. These rank very easily, and if written well, they will not only rank well on the search engines, but will motivate people to click through to see what you are selling. It is always recommended that you pay someone to write the press release, and also distribute, so that you will have the highest probability of success.

These are three strategic marketing ideas that you can implement to start generating more traffic to your website. Although there is some expense in getting all of this done, if you choose to do SEO on your own, you can reduce your costs. However, it’s always better to simply pay professionals to do all of this for you so that you can feel confident that everything will be done the right way. It will also allow you to focus on building your company, leaving strategic marketing up to those that know what they are doing.

Marketing Tools That Can Help You Sell More

If you wish to have a good campaign built up, you need to think through what marketing tools you can use to your advantage. There are many to choose from, so make it your goal to learn more to help you decide what will work best. Here is an overview of a few to get you started.

The best thing to do when it comes to getting tools is to make sure that before you download anything, you read reviews. It doesn’t matter what the software is or where it comes from, there could be something wrong with it such as viruses or spyware that is attached. Make sure when installing anything, you pay close attention to any button you’re clicking. That’s so you don’t have to deal with getting rid of tool bars or doing something like changing your homepage to a search engine site you don’t like.

A good tool would be one that helps you to create websites on the fly. This way, you can have a website up for a marketing campaign you are a part of without having to hire anyone or learn how to code on your own. However, don’t use just any tool that’s free or that even costs a little without doing some basic research into what it will include on the pages like ads. That’s because you don’t want a bunch of ads or anything from a competitor making it difficult for you to get your product seen or to have a conflicting message when compared to your products.

Get tools that allow for you to check and see how well your campaign is doing. This way, you can have an idea as to whether or not this is something that will benefit you, or if you should give up. The thing about marketing digitally is that you can’t expect to see results right away for the most part. You need to let everything settle and start to work for you, and then if you don’t see results from your efforts in a month or two that pay you back more than what you put in, you can then alter your campaign.

SEO related tools are great to have on hand so that you can alter your websites to make it more possible for you to get as many views on a search engine as possible. For instance, you can use a tool to let you see what keywords will be the best for you to use, and that way you’re able to better come up with something that will capture the most clicks. Do some basic research into the tools you’ll be using and that way you can see if others have had success before buying into anything.

Now that you have a good idea of what kind of marketing tools you can use, it’s much more simple to get started. By learning what it takes to get yourself going, you can have an advantage over your competition. Start now and reap the benefits soon!